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Ladies & Gents Waxing in Broadstairs, Kent

At Chic4Eva hair and beauty salon in Broadstairs, Kent, we offer both strip wax, traditionally known as warm or honey wax where the wax is applied thinly and removed with a cloth or paper strip and non-strip wax traditionally known as hard or hot waxing where a different kind of wax is applied. Allowed to harden slightly then removed. Both types of wax offer excellent hair removal and are best suited to different areas of the body for example here at Chic4eva we would never use strip wax to perform bikini line or underarm waxing as it is just not comfortable.

Treatments are carried out following the HABIBA code of conduct and hygiene procedures. Strip wax is used on the legs and arms only at Chic4Eva.  All other areas are waxed using the leading brand of depilatory wax Perron Rigot. We never double dip!

 The descriptions below are a guide only and your individual needs can be catered for.

LadiesWaxPriceMenWaxPriceClick here for Intimate waxing price list

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