Temporary Nails

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Many of my clients travel miles to get bespoke nails but this isn’t possible for everybody so I decided to design and sell temporary nails that you can stick on!

They come with temporary nail tabs which do not damage the natural nail and can be removed by soaking in warm soapy water this keeps the temporary nails intact for use another time too!
If you want a longer lasting effect you can attach my bespoke nails with nail glue but removing with acetone will ruin the stick on nails.

I regularly have fantasy, comic, cartoon, anime and manga ready such as My little pony, Adventure time, Marvel, DC, Totoro, hello Kitty and many more. If you have a design that you’d like me to complete for you please let me know.

Designs are available on my Etsy site


You can also find me at various Comic Conventions around the country!

x men temporary nails 1 batman villains temporary nails 1 adventure time temporary nail 1 wonder woman temporary nails 1 TMNT_Temporary_nails_1

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