IBX Nails

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Chic4eva is excited to bring you a revolutionary new nail treatment from Famous Names!

Grow your own long strong natural nails


Protect your own nails underneath shellac or other gel polish


Mend broken and split nails

Read what they had to say in Cosmopolitan magasine about new IBX Restore and repair!


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IBX is a New Revolutionary two-part system from industry leaders Famous Names that acts as a Protective Shield for the natural nail under any Gel Polish Coating and can also be used as a Natural Nail Strengthening System to grow natural nails more readily on their own!  IBX is the first system of it’s kind…this penetrative toughening system works inside the nail(instead of top), and forms an interpenetrating polymer network that fuses the upper layers of the nail together.  The result is a tougher natural nail that can grow on it’s own or act to protect the nail whilst wearing Shellac!

This system is perfect for regular gel polish or shellac wearers to wear under their 14 day manicure and it’s also great as a stand alone treatment and because IBX leaves no visible trace it is perfect for those people with professions that preclude the use of nail polish, such as nurses, hairdressers, waitresses, chefs etc. It is also perfect for musicians such as guitarists to keep nails perfect for picking! Men no longer have to put up with sore, split, peeling or broken nails and because Chic4Eva is a very discreet salon no one will even know you are here!

Stand alone treatment (30-40 minutes includes polish or buff)      £20

Add IBX to any of my traditional services for £10


IBX restore and repair

IBX restore and repair

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