Men, Massage and Myths

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For a woman a massage is a relaxing, enjoyable hour or so of healing therapy, atmospheric lighting, gorgeous scented oils, plinky plonky relaxation music and a professional therapist all leading to a relaxed, cosy, if slightly sleepy feeling of happiness.

It’s when you bring men into the equation that it all seems to go wrong, ‘you’re going for a massage?’ snigger snigger ‘has she got big knockers?’ snigger snigger. ‘Is it one of THOSE massage parlours?’ and so on and so on………

When I opened Chic4Eva and didn’t stipulate a ‘NO MEN’ policy I even had comments from friends and relatives worried about what I would have to deal with. All of these comments are very demeaning to men suggesting that they don’t need or deserve a professional, relaxing therapeutic massage and are unable to ‘keep it in their pants’ for a couple of hours.

There are of course those awkward phone calls from the gentleman who asks ‘How intimate is your full body massage’ and hangs up when I answer ‘not THAT intimate’, but on the whole, what I have discovered over the years is that this is the exact opposite of how men feel, in fact many men are terrified to the point of it ruining the massage that their little friend will rear his head and cause embarrassment! Any potential clients should put their minds to rest as, according to the Institute for Integrative Health Care Studies, erections during a massage are common. It is entirely possible to be physiologically aroused without emotional or sexual desire. I think most massage therapists and definitely this massage therapist, have seen erections on male clients before, it is not a cause for embarrassment and will not even be mentioned. Female clients often report similar aroused feelings, just because the arousal is not as obvious doesn’t mean it’s not there!

At the beginning of the session you will be asked to fill in a treatment form, then you will be left alone to undress in the room and lie on the couch under a towel pants may be kept on for modesty or removed, if you are going to wear pants smaller brief type pants are best to avoid getting oil on them when massaging the lower back or thighs.

Another thing that many men are not sure about is whether or not they should talk throughout the massage. This one is down to personal choice, some men like to relax completely and even drift off (drooling is allowed), others like to chat throughout the treatment and enjoy the chat as much as the massage. Don’t be afraid to speak up if something is not to your liking, it is your treatment and you are paying for it, if you’d like a firmer pressure, more time spent on a specific muscle group, or are too hot or cold just ask!

Tipping is not obligatory but if you have had a wonderful time it is welcomed.



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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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And it’s still November!
Christmas is everywhere, trees, lights, carols, Noddy Holder and mince pies are in abundance! Despite the many nay sayers and Bah humbugs out there I just have to say


To kick the festive season off I’m sporting these stunning glittery Christmas Fair Isle jumper inspired nails! With Wildfire CND shellac, Wine red glitter and stamps from Konad and bundle monster plates! Created at Chic4Eva in Broadstairs.

I’ve also been on the look out for festive fancies for the shop and found some amazing festive scarves and jewellery.

How about these crackers for the table?

Lancôme Christmas Crackers Gift Set, £50 for six, makes it a very merry and fresh faced Christmas indeed. Because while there is an eye opening Hypnôse mascara (their best in our view) and Mini L’Absolue lipsticks to top up your make-up at the party, there’s also a great edit of skin saving creams, sera and eye make-up remover so you still look your best the morning after the day before.



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Designer inspired nails!

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Whilst researching products to stock in Chic4eva salon in Broadstairs I fell in love with all things Lulu Guinness. To celebrate the arrival of her umbrellas to my store I decided to do some nail designs inspired by her famous designs as my manicure. I started off with a base of CND Shellac in the new Overtly Onyx colour, I then hand painted the designs using acrylic paint. All apart from the lipstick which is a stamp in silver with red acrylic paint detail.

Then this weekend saw one of the biggest comic book conventions of the year Thought Bubble in Leeds. I designed this Spider-Man eye for Grant Perkins as his show piece for the show. I started with a base of CND Shellac Hollywood and hand painted the design in acrylic paints.

Would anyone else like to see another design on their nails or a display nail? Get in touch.

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Off to a Flying start

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I’ve heard today from a most reliable source (the Lovely man from Sunpex upstairs) that KLM will indeed be flying from Manston airport in Kent a mere 10 minutes taxi ride away next year. Flights will start on the 2nd of April twice daily to Amsterdam. From there you’ll be able to fly anywhere in the world! How fabulous!

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Weary Wednesday!

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So Wednesday has arrived and brings with it its usual weary, dreariness.

I’m brightening up the day thinking about all of the lovely new stock I will be going to hand pick tomorrow! So pop down over the weekend for new Scarves and Jewellery!

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Getting the most from your shellac service.

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CND Shellac is a wonderful product, unique, applied like polish, cured by a UV light so it is ‘dry’ when you leave the salon and stays super shiny the whole time!

Below is an excerpt from a recent post on my favourite forum……… Emphasising the importance of aftercare to get the most from your Shellac service!
What makes a perfect Shellac™ manicure?
We have listed 3 important components that “make” Shellac Manicure.

 Perfect application.

First, it’s important to know that Shellac™ is a brand and NOT a type of service. Only genuine Shellac™ should be used to perform a “Shellac Manicure”. Shellac™ base coat, Shellac ™ color coat and Shellac™ top coat all must be used with a perfect Shellac™ Manicure. If the bottle doesn’t say “CND Shellac™” then, don’t be fooled! It’s NOT Shellac!
We always perform a manicure before application of Shellac™. Why? If there is any cuticle left on the nail plate, Shellac might flake off from that area.
Shellac must be cured in CND approved lamps. You can see CND logo on top. Shellac is not guaranteed unless it is cured (dried) with CND lamps.

 Maintenance.

Shellac is very low maintenance. Solar Oil™ should be used at least 2 x day, preferably every night so the oil won’t be washed off right away. The oil is supposed to be applied around the cuticle and massaged into the nail. Solar Oil™ not only does wonders to the skin but it penetrates through the Shellac polish. It does benefit the natural nail as well as the Shellac itself, plasticising it and making it pliable, resisting chipping and peeling.
When the Solar Oil™ is not used Shellac might be prone to drying out which causes chipping and peeling..
Would any oil suffice? Not necessarily! Solar Oil™ is designed to work with Shellac. It has very small molecules that can travel down the microscopic channels in the surface of the Shellac making it pliable and resistant to chipping.

 Removal.

Proper removal plays a huge part in how your next Shellac Manicure will last and is vital in maintaining the health of your natural nail.
Shellac should NEVER be filed off or picked off. Peeling the Shellac coating WILL damage your natural nails by removing the layers, making your nails weaker and drier. Shellac bonds very well with a healthy nail. The first layer of the natural nail is a very dense, protective layer of keratin. You want to protect that layer! When Shellac is applied to a damaged nail, the bond might not be as strong and that area might peel and chip in the future.
We recommend a visit to the salon for a proper removal before Shellac starts to chip or peel.
Proper removal includes wrapping the nails with cotton and remover for 10 minutes letting the Shellac loosen up and release safely from the natural nail.
Soaking in a bowl or leaving the wraps on not long enough causes only partial softening of the product which then leads to forcefully prying or scraping the product off = DAMAGE.
Shellac should effortlessly flake off the nail. It should not be scraped off!
If you see a white, flaky spots on the nails, it simply means that the nail is dehydrated. The dehydration can be caused by not using oil or peeling the Shellac off which removed that protective layer of the dense keratin off leaving the nail vulnerable to dryness. If that happens, you don’t have to stop getting Shellac Manicures. Just use cuticle oil regularly and don’t ever peel the Shellac. The dry part of the nail will simply grow out

These Shellac nails have been on for 3 weeks! Which just shows you how well it can last when looked after properly!

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